care instructions


Keep fresh by changing water as often as possible.. daily wouldn't hurt! And if you forget for a few days give the stems a rinse as well. You can even trim the ends of stems if they are looking worn. If set in floral foam just keep adding water. Some SWEETBRIAR creations may require the help of a friend to hold the armature while you rinse and wash the vase/rocks. Floral food is optional but be consistent with it if you chose to use it and follow the directions on the package. Keep in a cool place and out of direct light, even if you move it to a cooler location for the sleep hours of the day.



These creations are set in floral foam so just keep watered and in a cool place in your home. They can last quite long if taken care of and watered daily. Keep your greenery looking fresh by misting with water occasionally as well. Out of direct sunlight is recommended to prevent excessive drying.



Wreaths are made of a variety of hearty greenery built to last the cold prairie winter on your beautiful front door. Once we reach freezing temperatures you won't need to do much.. but if warmer temperatures are around, mist your wreath with water every few days to prevent drying.